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Please Note:

There are some issues would be deemed tenant responsibility in accordance to the terms of your tenancy, therefore we ask you to read the read the information below before submitting a request.


Do not under any circumstances try to put out an uncontrollable fire yourself. Immediately leave the building notifying anyone else whom may still be in the property if it is safe to do so and call 999. After that report to us by phone on our Out of Hours Emergency Contact Number 07882 601383 or email.

Smell Gas:

If you have a gas leak or smell gas you must immediately evacuate the property or contact National Grid Emergency on 0800 111999. After that you must report this issue by phone on our Out of Hours Emergency Contact Number 07882 601383 or email.

Central Heating/Boiler:

A modern boiler usually has error codes to identify the issue. Please make a note of this when reporting an issue.

There are issues which can be rectified immediately, i.e. Operating boiler pressure, which means the boiler needs “topping up as water will condensate” after a period of time. We ask that you refer to the boiler manual for peak operating pressure.

Radiators not getting warm could just needs “bleeding” or temperature-controlled radiator valves turned down or off


Most properties will have Micro Circuit Breakers which can “trip” from power surges. These be as simple as a bulb blowing. Addition and common faults also include appliances or electrical items (irons, hairdryers, toasters, etc). First you should check which fuse has tripped (normally marked on the cover of the fuse box, i.e., lights upstairs, sockets, downstairs, etc.). If you have checked to make sure it is safe to do so, try flipping the switch back on. If this is unsuccessful, we recommend you if it is something like sockets, to unplug everything from the sockets, and they try resetting the fuse board. If you find it stays on, try plugging everything back on one by one, this should identify where the fault is.

Please be aware that should it be identified upon attendance from our contractor or engineer that the issue is from a personal electrical appliance, you would be responsibility for the cost of the contractors call out and repair

If you are in doubt contact us by completing the information below, with as much information as possible.